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Customer Testimomies

Guy Smith Heating & Cooling "We love the PeeknPeel ad it's great! We use it in our ad campaign."  Ken -  President

South Pole Trading Company - "The PeeknPeel brings life to our site like never before. If your looking for a different way to advertise this is it!"  Shawn  - VP SPTC

 ArticlesRFree.com - The PeeknPeel ad has been a big hit.. we love it for our affiliate ads."  David - Marketing Director

Partner Resources
Have Your Visitors Become Blind to Your Banners and Popup's?

Fact: Most banners are ignored.

Fact: Popup windows are never even displayed! They're being totally blocked, destroying their effectiveness.

Fact: Drop in Ads sometimes work but they block the eye popping information that your visitors want to read. 

Fact: Unless you keep on the cutting edge of advertising technology, you'll continue missing out on money. Internet advertising technology moves very quickly. Technologies only last for a brief period of time before they become obsolete. The faster you move, the more money you will make because that's the nature of business.

We have a solution for you that is fresh,
innovative and will help bring back the "A PEEL".

It's the new PeeknPeel Corner Flash Ad

For as little as $5.00 you can put one on your website today!



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